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hey fuckers
am I supposed to pick you up from the ferry?
if so what time?
if so where?

wooooooooooh baby!

Wednesday March 3rd

City/Venue: Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project
Ticket Price: $7 at the door $7 at the door
Time: Doors at 7pm Show @ 7:15pm
Other Bands: Lucero, Grabass Charlestons, and TBA
Other Info:
Street Address: 1916 4th Ave


o what is the Asaurus Records EP Club??? It is
quite simple, actually. Every-other-month, we will
release an EP featuring 4 bands that we think are
amazing. Some of these bands you will already know
and love. Some you will eventually learn to know
and love. Each band will get 4 chances to impress
you. The goal is to make you happy.

So, since this is a club, you will only be able to
get the EPs by becoming a member in good standing.
There's no meetings, at least not yet, just a
small fee to help us pay for expenses. Here's the

-- $15 membership, which gets you: 1 year of EPs
(that's 6 EPs or 96 songs, $2.50 ppd each!)
-- No matter when you sign up, you will have the
option to receive the previous months' EPs
-- EPs will be in a limited edition, 100 each, so
very collectable!

Bands that are scheduled to appear at some point
(subject to change, of course):

Bad Spellers, Caitlin Denny, Elliott the Letter
Ostrich, Ethelscull, Inhibitionists, In
Triplicate, Gabriel Joel, Me Low, Mr. 60,
Musicfor, The National Splits, New Grenada, The
New Sound of My Bossa Nova, The Pizazz, Primum
Mobile, The Robot Ate Me, Roybot,Sinkcharmer, Smog
Alert, Solvents, Some By Sea, The Specific Heats,
Thee Moths, This Bank Holiday, Jonathan Visger &
more added all the time!
so if you want to join the ep club please go to
it will be out in feb.
abrasive mantra: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=seacrew
abrasive mantra: SeaCrew represent what what
vacation radio: holy shit chuckie is hot
abrasive mantra: ahahaha
abrasive mantra: he goes by charles
abrasive mantra: everyone thinks he's hot
vacation radio: because he is
vacation radio: but that mike dude is way hot too
abrasive mantra: i heard that mike dude is kind of a slut
vacation radio: yeah he looks like hed be

Feb. 6th, 2004

The MTX show on Monday is all ages, I confirmed.

Let me know how many tickets I should reserve. They're fun, I promise.

Brand new mp3 even I haven't heard yet -
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<a [...] http://www176.pair.com/appelgre/mp3/051632e22ced2d09/1076121920/10889/mrtexperienc-sorryforfre.mp3">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

The MTX show on Monday <i>is</i> all ages, I confirmed.

Let me know how many tickets I should reserve. They're fun, I promise.

Brand new mp3 even I haven't heard yet - <a href="
<a href="http://www176.pair.com/appelgre/mp3/051632e22ced2d09/1076121920/10889/MrTExperienc-SorryForFre.mp3">Sorry For Freaking Out On The Phone Last Night</a>
and here's an old favorite - <a href="http://www176.pair.com/appelgre/mp3/9446e223e72ad883/1076122275/10694/MrTExperienc-MoreThanToa.mp3">More Than Toast</a>
Found it.

This is the 50's actor who inspired the "I had a stroke" guy. His name is Gale Gordon.

Thanks to theextra for her skilled detective work.


are posts dissapearing?

i posted something from mike's about last week? and what happened to phil's about the seacrew cd? i was gonna finally get off my lazy ass and comment.
Charles, we're rescheduling for next week and doing it in my new apartment.
I gotta pack a lot of shit to move, Zin is sick, and it'd be cool to have Mike with us too.

So seacrew dinner next tuesday, who's in?

Charles and Zin

You fuckers better tell me where and when I'm meeting you tomorrow or I'm a gonna be PISSED.